Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For our friend...

Cheryl Palmer (with Ulrich Kavalier)
Spotted Swan Ranch, Bigfork, MT

We met Cheryl and Cliff when they introduced us to our remarkable Stallion, D&M's Redman. From that meeting on, we have remained good friends ever since.

Cheryl is an amazing woman, with the drive to research, discover, investigate and analyze bloodlines and shuffle conformation...in order to develop and produce top quality Appaloosa breeding with gaited conformation. This is no hobby for Cheryl, but rather a lifestyle. Our friendship developed instantly because of our similarities...and our deep devoted love of the pure Appaloosa breed.

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Cheryl moved into Appalsoosa breeding in 1987, when she met Don Ulrich on the Chief Joseph ride and bought the horse (Candy KS) right out from under him. The ride that year ended practically in Ulrich's backyard in Powell, WY. Cliff and Cheryl made a visit to the Ulrich Ranch and purchased several more mares. Cheryl discovered that some of these Ulrich horses were gaited and this set her off on a quest to breed and produce gaited Appaloosas without out crossing and also recognizing the value of the quiet, docile temperament of the Ulrich horses.

This is an expression of our gratitude to our friend Cheryl for many reasons and recognizing her talent for the outstanding job she did in creating our Stallions; Neemepo Rolln Thunder and Neemepoo Shuffle Chief. Many horses of our herd originated from Cheryl - being products of Cheryl's careful and precise breeding. Secondly, of course, because Cliff and Cheryl have become not only outstanding business partners...but most importantly....good friends.

Cheryl has spent much time and energy researching and writing articles about the shuffle gait and foundation appaloosas. Should you ever need a question answered...check here first. You might become enveloped into a humerous dialog of Cheryls adventures and follies which place Cheryl right there on the inside story dealing with some of the finest bloodlines.

Some of the remarkable horses that have passed through Spotted Swan Ranch:
D&M's Redman, Dun Roven Chelseas Image, Ulrich Kavalier, Ulrich Kitten III, Ulrich Brownsugar, Neemepos Quinta Joe Bear, Neemeepos Teton Sioux, Neemepo Rolln Thunder

Hats off to you Cheryl - you deserve recognition and appreciation for all of your hard work!

To our friends; Cliff and Cheryl. You're like family to us...